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Workshop on Mapping Water Sector Stakeholders: The Case of Groundwater in Niger

The opening ceremony of this workshop took place on Tuesday, October 20, 2020. It was chaired by Prof. Sanoussi Atta, Acting Director General of the Regional Center AGRHYMET (CRA) surrounded by Mr. Marc Dawson, Co-Chief of the program SERVIR West Africa (SERVIR AO) and Mr. Alhousseini Issaka, representative of the program Terres-Eau-Vie (TEV).
This workshop brought together a total of 30 participants from the national directorates in charge of water, NGOs, universities, sub-regional institutions and farmers’ organizations.

The main objective of the workshop is the identification and analysis of stakeholders by setting up a community of practice and the development of the theory of change and a first draft of the service conceptualization document.
Specifically, it is about :
– Identifying the different groups of stakeholders who could potentially participate in the implementation of the service and establishing a community of practice.
– Understand their motivations and interest in the project; as well as the potential impact it may have on them ;
– To identify the most appropriate mechanisms for mobilizing different groups of stakeholders;
– To develop and maintain a basis for constructive exchanges and relationships of trust with stakeholders;
– Elaborate a theory of change, reflecting the development problem that identifies the causal links from the initial results to the final state in which the development problem is addressed, the interventions through service development that will achieve these results, and the critical assumptions affecting the intended results;
– Develop a design document that explains the theory of change, beneficiaries, technical specifications, performance indicators, and sustainability of all services (data, products, platform, etc.).


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