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Support for commune-level development planning in Burkina Faso

Like most countries in West Africa, Burkina Faso is engaged in a decentralization process grounded in the expressed desire of populations who are demanding much more participation in managing their local affairs, which is reflected by Government policy. However, the implementation of decentralization policies is hindered by the weakness in national-level support to local community authorities, weaknesses in technical capacity, and the financial resources available to commune-level institutions. During the consultation workshop held in Burkina Faso in August 2016, the need for commune-level development planning tools for resource management and utilization was identified as the top priority for SERVIR WA.

The lack of detailed information on LU/LC in Burkina Faso has been identified as a major barrier to local development planning. For this reason, stakeholders participating in the national consultation workshop held in Ouagadougou in October 2017 decided to bridge that gap by developing a Service entitled: Establishment of an information platform and monitoring of the physical occupation, functional land and basic socio-economic infrastructure for sustainable management of the communal areas in Burkina Faso.

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