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Development and management of a system to produce and disseminate information on groundwater in Maradi and Zinder (Niger)

The SERVIR process for service delivery is proceeding normally with the conceptualization of the service that has been completed since October 2017. As follow up, a meeting on PDD will be held with the community of practice. The meeting will clarify how the product will be developed and the timeline. This will allow SERVIR WA and Mercy Corps to sign a MOU to start the field activities. These activities concern the conduct of studies in the Maradi and Zinder regions to establish the baseline related to data, the measurement devices in place and the hydrogeological context. From the NASA side and Mercy Corps partners, the point will be made on the type of satellite data to be used and the status of their availability. The LIS and Processing Modflow models will be used to monitor groundwater fluctuation and aquifer water balance. (LIS is being implemented at AGRHYMET under a NASA-funded AST project led by Augusto Getirana of NASA GSFC.) An information dissemination platform will be set up at the AGRHYMET Regional Center and Mercy Corps will take the lead for its management to ensure that information reaches those who need it.

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