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Center for Ecological Monitoring (CSE)

The Centre de Suivi Écologique (CSE) is a national entity located in Senegal whose core activities include environmental monitoring, natural resources management and conducting environmental impact assessments. It has built partnerships at the local (subnational) and national levels, as well as with international donors, in order to develop climate change projects and programmes, particularly in the areas of environment, agriculture and livestock. One of its key activities has been improving the access of vulnerable populations and local stakeholders to information required in order to strengthen their resilience to and to build capacity to adapt to climate change variability and impacts, such as droughts and desertification. Other activities include conducting economic analyses for areas that are particularly vulnerable to climate change and natural risks, thereby allowing for better adaptation project selection. CSE views its accreditation to the GCF is an opportunity for it to continue developing and delivering climate change adaptation projects and programmes at the national and subnational levels, and in the process build its capacity as an organisation to serve more regions.

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Rue Leon Gontran Damas, Fann Residence
Dakar BP 15532
Tel: +221 338258066
Tel: +221 338258067
Fax: +221 338258168

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